Shawn P. Conlin
Automation Engineer / IT Generalist

Shawn Conlin has been providing professional software development and testing services since 1995. His development skills cover a wide range of languages and platforms including Java, PHP, HTML, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications, Lotus Notes/Domino, LotusScript, Lotus Formula Language, and Javascript.

Prior to focusing his efforts on development and quality assurance, Shawn provided hardware and software technical support on internal and public-facing help desks.

The knowledge gained from working in all aspects of the computer industry allows Shawn to offer a wide spectrum of services to his clients. It also allows him to have a unique perspective when approaching issues or troubleshooting a problem.

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Karen S. Conlin
Copy Editor / Content Developer

Karen has over twenty years of experience with developing, writing, and editing prose work. In addition, she taught middle-school-level language arts. Her previous employers include Scott, Foresman, and Company (the "Dick and Jane" reader people) and TSR, Inc. (originator of the D&D and AD&D role-playing game systems). While at TSR, she was the manager of over forty freelance developer/editors, meaning she took their projects from start (drawing up the contract) to finish (proofing bluelines and print proofs), provided support to freelancers while the projects were in their hands, and assured compliance with contracted standards. As Creative Director she was responsible for overseeing an in-house staff of 8-10 designers and developers, and also for interfacing directly with other departments as required (art, cartography, word processing, marketing). Her product lines included the FORGOTTEN REALMS™ and WORLD OF GREYHAWK™ brands.

Professionally, she won the ORIGINS® award for Best Role-playing Supplement for her original work, For Faerie Queen and Country (for the AMAZING® Engine game system).

Karen ensures that all copy appearing on your website is professional in appearance. If you prefer to write your own, she will see that it is polished and flawless before it hits the pixels. If you would rather provide her with basic concepts and have her produce the copy, she will work with you to achieve the final result you desire. All the fancy graphics in the world won't matter if there's a typo in your 36-point title. She will see to it that there isn't.

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