The Many Incarnations of Wolvesbane Designs

The Past

Once upon a time, an enterprising youth with a knack for creating flyers, reports, and business cards on his state-of-the-art, 286 computer decided to offer his services to world. After spending a couple of days planning out prices and creating marketing pamphlet, he realized that he needed a name for his venture. Thus Wolvesbane Designs sprung forth into being as a home-based, desktop publishing company.

Like other whims of youth (and many startups), Wolvesbane Designs: The DTP Company faded and gave way to other endeavors, like school and work that actually put gas in his car. While the business was gone, the name lingered on in projects and other places an organization needed an identifier.

Years later, the internet started to move into the mainstream and Wolvesbane Designs morphed into a web development company. The plan was to help local businesses create a quality web pressence for reasonable prices. Unfortunately, the expected clients weren't interested in the new advertising fad. While the young owner's other needs and interests took precedence, the company went dormant until early in the new millenium. Wolvesbane Designs then served as the brand for freelance projects and development side jobs until once more going dormant.

The Present

Call me nostalgic but I was never able to let the site go and now it rises again like a phoenix. This time, however, it isn't as a business. Instead, I will be using the domain to host my tech blog, my impending portfolio (I have to get around to building that), and code samples to accompany my posts. The site also houses professional profiles for my wife and I in case anyone would like to get more information about what we do.

The Future

The Oracle isn't returning my calls. I'll have to get back to you.